Committee details

Purpose of committee

The Resources Committee meets four times each year.  Political balance rules and regulations apply.

The Resources Committee remit specifically including Financial, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Property and Equipment related issues.

Core functions are:

  • Monitor and review financial strategies including capital and revenue plans and treasury management (with the Audit Committee approving financial accounts);
  • Consider, approve and adopt any new or significant revision to existing human resources strategies and policies, including Equality and Diversity;
  • Other relevant issues outside the scope of the Scheme of Delegation including:

o   Budget monitoring (but not setting);

o   Implementation of Capital Programmes;

o   Consideration of financial implications of proposals involving increase in expenditure or reductions in income which have not been provided for within the Authority’s budget;

o   Review and implementation of Health and Safety strategies to ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation and best practice;

o   Acquisition or leasing of interests in land or property;

o   Public/Private partnership initiatives;

o   Information technology;

o   Equipment and vehicles;

o   Insurance.

  • Appointments to the Executive Board posts (via a small sub committee (7) – politically balanced);
  • Appointment of Clerk (via a small sub committee (7) – politically balanced);
  • Review assimilation and response to appropriate Government Consultation documents on behalf of the Authority affecting fire and rescue authorities generally, from Central Government, LGA, NFCC or any other source.

The Committee will have decision making powers in relation to the above areas. In exceptional circumstances the Committee may refer issues to the Authority for a decision.

  • Any items referred to the Committee by the Authority or Strategy Group who will indicate if a decision or recommendation is required, including any transitional matter referred to it for a decision.




Contact information

Support officer: Diane Brooks,. Principal Member Services Officer